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Websites optimization or SEO is the most important chapter in creating a website. The primary purpose is visibility on the first page of Google search engine. We give a complete offer and a long term collaboration with our clients.

Map of European market coverage

Top of the Line SEO Services for Eastern and Central Europe

SEO is our passion. It is the lifeline of our business. We are more than ready to provide top-notch professional SEO services to all our clients in Central and Eastern Europe.

We follow a foolproof SEO methodology in order to help our clients improve their online potential and reach greater heights when it comes to revenue growth and level of success.

We conduct professional search engine optimization services for webshops and websites that belong to the Eastern and Central European markets.

Countries with Full Coverage SEO Services 

  • Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy

In countries where we offer full coverage, we have a large number of websites in the local language and local domains (.it, .si, .hr, We also have a larger number of servers in each country. There are also a growing number of niche websites in these countries.

We provide a variety of SEO packages for these countries. These are the efficient combination of all the necessary SEO services that can be specifically customized depending on the requirements of your website and the needs of your company. It means that every single step of the process will be carried out as needed right in time for your website to reach the very top. 

We always stay updated with the newest trends in link building and search algorithms to ensure that your chosen SEO package is reliable and strong through and through. We use proven SEO techniques to help your website rank high on search results. 

Countries with Complete Coverage SEO Services  

  • Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Slovakia. 

In countries where we have complete coverage, we have a larger number of websites in the local language and local domains (.at, .ba, .cz, .de, .hu, .lv, .lt, .me, .pl, .ro, .ru, .rs, .sk) . We also have at least one local server in each of the mentioned countries. There are a smaller number of niche websites in these countries.

We will help you build your online presence, drive more sales, and get the necessary targeted traffic that will help transform your site into a powerful channel that will generate leads for your business. We make sure that you will be right in front of your target audience the moment they start looking for you with the help of our SEO services. 

Countries with Partial Coverage of SEO Services 

  • France and Spain

We cover some countries to a limited extent. Even here we have websites in the local language and local domains (.fr, .es). Usually, we do not have servers in these countries. So far, in France and Spain, we only cover the car niche. We also have active clients in these countries.

Researching Countries  

  • Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece and Ukraine.

We are still exploring the market for a few countries. We do not have any active clients in these markets. We are currently researching markets (.by, .bg, .ee, .gr, .ua). We already have some resources in some markets, but we don’t have any SEO campaigns in these markets yet.

English language

Our company also covers several individual niches in the English language. Our covered niches include computers, interior, automotive, and more. 

No matter how big or small your website or webshop might be, you can be sure that we will be right there by your side to help you reach your goals and objectives of growing your business to its fullest potential.

Special offer for marketing agencies or SEO agencies

We offer participation in projects in countries listed.
We can act as the main contractor, partner or subcontractor.
We also offer white label services (doing business under your name)

SEO website audit
According to a previous agreement, we perform structure review of your site, Google position, and competition. We also advise you on how to rearrange the website or webshop, in order to satisfy the latest standards.

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