Our Offerings – website audit

A comprehensive SEO website audit is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to know the real reason why your website doesn’t get that much-coveted high rank no matter how hard you try. Our SEO website audit services are guaranteed honest, reliable, and transparent to give you the peace of mind knowing what goes on during the whole process. 

Our SEO website audit service will basically check the overall health and condition of your website. This way, we can help you prevent scams and give you important suggestions so that you can improve your web page optimization efforts. 

An SEO website audit is the crucial starting point for digital marketers as it lets you analyze your existing SEO campaigns, no matter how extensive or simple they might be. It gives you the chance to take the necessary action right away by using the insights as your guide. 

We check all the key website parameters during our SEO website audit process:


Content is one of the most fundamental on-page SEO factors. This is something that has a strong influence on your website’s overall effectiveness. Google is a strong advocate of unique and regularly updated content relevant to a searcher’s preferences and needs. 

It means that it is a must to ensure that the content of your website will cater to this brief for you to enjoy higher rankings and better brand responsibility. 

We will make sure that both the quantity and quality of your website will adhere to Google’s algorithms and follow all the rules so that your brand will become an authority in your field and not be considered “spammy.” We believe that relevance and value are essential as far as SEO content is concerned. 

Structure of Site

Another critical factor that can help improve the SEO of your website is making sure that its structure is solid enough. The better the structure of your site is, the better the user experience you can provide not only to your website visitors but also to the bots crawling it to know its ranking in search engine results pages. 

This is the reason why having an organized, logical, and clear structure reflected in an accurate and complete sitemap is important. It is also equally important to have a strong URL structure. Ensure that this is related to your website hierarchy and that you follow simple and clear naming conventions and avoid any numbers or symbols if possible. 

Another component of a strong website structure includes ensuring that all of your categories and headings are clearly and properly listed in your website’s top navigation menu. Once again, this is to help bots and site visitors to find anything they need efficiently and easily.

Internal Linking

Internal links are the ones that pass link equity in your own pages and for this reason, these are important to form authoritative hierarchies in your site. A tested and proven method of building internal links is that every time you come up with new content for your website, you should perform a website search for older and related content that has ideally developed some equity. After that, look for an anchor in the old content that you can link to your new content. We will go through all of your internal links, check if they are still working properly and do away with those that are no longer doing their job. 

Structured Data (Schema.org)

Structured data play an important role in your SEO efforts. During our SEO website audit, we will look into your structured data to determine if they have everything necessary to help your visitors find you. We will also give you some advice on how to make your structured data better than those of your competitor. 

Speed of Site

The speed of your website is yet another huge factor that needs thorough checking during an SEO website audit. The loading time of your pages matters a lot more than you can imagine.  Fast website speed can promote a more positive experience among users. On the other hand, slow speed will surely lead to higher bounce rates in this age when people have very limited attention spans. Obviously, this is the last thing you want to happen if your site serves as among the main channels for conversion. 

Mobile and Desktop Compatibility

We check how your website loads on different browsers and devices to determine if it is mobile and desktop friendly. We check pages, links, load times, and image errors.